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Stability and Depth

Didimata is an Old Mutual franchise and is back by the largest insurance company in the country.

You can enjoy the stability of regulated financial planners offering specialist financial services to corporate and individual clients. Didimata’s service offering is unique in the market and provides for a total solution. Rest assured that Didimata will add value to your company and especially to your employees with the advice they will receive from our professional advisers.

Client service

Our client service ranks highly. We know this because our clients tell us so. You will have a dedicated advisor who is accountable for all aspects of our service. Through our technology and numerous web pages, our world-class service is friendly and also meets strict time standards.


There are 4 shareholders on the management team and each shareholder brings a unique and utmost important dimension to the managing, developing and performing side of the franchise and its employees. All 4 Shareholders has won numerous awards among which are “beginner of the year”, “Area champion”, “Top 20 Advisor”, “Top 3 Franchise” but to name a few.

Service Offering Highlights

The Didimata family caters for maximum client service satisfaction:

Financial Advisers: 42 Licensed Financial Advisers offering specialist advice
Directors: 2 Highly specialized managers in their disciplines to lead the Didimata team.

There is no restriction to a service offering uniquely designed to your Companies needs.

Thank you for considering Didimata for your needs.